My Sexy Side

Short and Fun

Fin de semana a la vista y qué me pongo?

Este calor está insoportable, estamos viviendo un verano precoz, y apetece sacar nuestro lado más sexy y no para lucirnos, sino para paliar las altas temperaturas.

Yo voto por taconazos, pantalón corto y mi top favorito!

Y tú, cómo te vistes?

El lunes nos vemos con muchas novedades.

Besazos mil y a disfrutar Newlookers.
The weekend is knocking the door and what to wear?

This early summer is being too hard, and high temperatures invite us to wear skimpy clothes, not in purpose to be sexy, is just a point of weather.

For this weekend I do vote for high heels and short!

What will you wear this weekend?

Have fun and see you on Monday.
Tons of love

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