aside Europe Bound!!! Madrid, Lisbon & London

Happy New Year my Beautiful People!

Felicísimo Año mis amores lindos y fabulosos!


And finally the new year is here, let’s make the point clear, we are still struggling with the resolutions, dealing with the hardest month of the year…

January is when everybody realized how much money they spent and time to tighten the buckle and no make big spendings, in my case I am back from a long trip, and I say to myself: Angie focus on making money and save some money, but that resolution will be gone by February 🙂

I was so lucky to be back home for 3 days before heading to Lisbon in Portugal, just to days in this melancholic and romantic city and I fell in love forever, a place I highly recommend to visit and walk as much as you can to discover it.

You scheduled a great half day tour around the city,  visiting… night time you had booked table for two at… the best seafood in town, I am still tasting the amazing lobster 😋.

The second day we took a private day tour to visit… Sintra (Pena Palace), Cascais and Estoril… and the best restaurant/club JNcQuoi, I had the best cod fish of my life, best gastronomy ever.

I don’t know when but I’ll come back!

Hello London! And after 5 years I went back to London, what a marvelous and majestic city, the best place to welcoming the new year.

We had a private tour to the War room, one of the best things ever seen, and also weird, imagine seeing all the maps and papers from the war, after we had tickets to visit The London Tower, and The Crown Jewels, but the line was insane and we opted to enjoy the city and leave that for another trip, and suddenly my new foodie stomach reminded me how much I enjoyed to eat the onion and cheese pasty, and we ran to get one for me, I have to admit was better in my memory than reality, but in either case I ate the whole thing and tasted delicious.

The more I visit London the most I fall in love with it.


Y llegó el 2019! Nuevo Año, propósitos de enmienda y la consabida cuesta de enero después de unas fiestas llenas de gastos.

El mes de enero es el mes en el que todos prometemos gastar menos, pero antes de la llegada de febrero ya estamos listos para salir a cazar los últimos chollos de las rebajas 😊.

Tuve la gran suerte de volver a casa por navidad y pasar 3 días de ensueño rodeada de mis seres queridos, para después emprender nuestro camino hacia Portugal y pasar dos días inolvidables, el mejor aperitivo para querer volver y seguir descubriendo las maravillas del país.

Lisboa es una ciudad romántica y melancólica, una ciudad majestuosa y con mucha clase, fueron 48 horas de correr y mucho caminar para poder visitar los lugares claves de la ciudad, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que el vuelo se retrasó 6 horas, así que la visita privada que teníamos contratada se redujo a 4 horas.

Solo decir que comí el mejor marisco y pescado del mundo, vaya gastronomía 😋.

Después de comer el bacalao más delicioso pusimos rumbo hacia Londres, dónde esperamos con los brazos abiertos el ansiado 2019.

My address book/Mis recomendaciones:

Where to Stay in Lisbon/Donde alojarse en Lisboa: I loved the view at the Four Season Ritz Hotel.

Where to Stay in London? Dónde alojarse en Londres? Conrinthia Hotel located in Mayfair and just few minutes walk from the London Eye.

My Favorite restaurants/Mis restaurantes favoritos en Londres: Hakkasan, San Carlo, Park Chinois, Novikoc, Annabel London and the bar at Corinthia hotel is also a must and don’t forget the tea time at the Ball Room, the most exquisite experience ever.

Shopping: Harrods (is a must), Liberty London (less commercial than Harrods), Sloane Avenue (the coolest shops you can imagine), and of course Covent Garden and Camden Town.

Have fun!


Villamagna Hotel Madrid. Look: Pantea Dress, Louboutin Shoes, Chanel Belt/Cinturón
Villamagna Hotel Madrid. Custom made dress, YSL shoes


Hola Portugal. Look: Sandro Pants, Gucci Bag, Tommy Hilfiger Blazer

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Chanel Bag, Loro Piana coat, Gucci Scarf


Balmain Sunglasses
Connaught Hotel London, Chanel belt
Ball Room at Corinthia Hotel. Look: YSL Accessories
Fireworks at London Eye
Custom made dress


Gucci Bag, Sandro leather jacket
Goyard never full handbag, rag and bone jeans

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